Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (42/100)

Gosh. I finally get my ass down to write a review, and now I’m like, ‘Ok… So what do I do again?’ Well, anyway, here goes nothing.

Show summary:

Aliens, girls, mecha… interesting(?)

Take One (First impressions):

My first impressions of this show (after watching episode 1) is… well… er… meh. There you go. MEH. Truthfully, there’s really nothing much that makes this show stand out as an anime. The storyline is hardly captivating, the display of the mecha’s ability is disappointing (That thing looks like it can be shot down by a Patriot Missile), however, it does do quite a successful job of painting a rather gloomy future for humanity. At least I think so…


Now, on to the review.

  • Storyline


After first contact on Mars, humans find themselves fighting a losing war with an alien force, known lovingly as BETA (Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race). We follow the path of a young cadet, Takamura Yui as she and her friends train to become Tactical Surface Fighter pilots (the mecha).

How does that story sound to you? Yeah, dull right? Sure did to me. Aliens vs humans. I could come up with this in my dreams, and I betcha, my dreams are 3.0*10^8 times more interesting.

So, the score? Well, I think I’ll use a different grading system to better suit how I view animes, so, the score will be revealed at the end of this post. Now, on to the next part. Characters.

  • Characters

    That’s happening…?

As much as I value storyline, I value good characters. My definition of good characters, are characters with personality, characters which stand out, characters which you can relate to. A good story cannot hope to captivate its audience with a poor cast. Vice versa.

So let’s get into it. There’s very little character development here. It seems that all the side characters are all stock characters. Nothing is making them stand out. They look and behave in a very generic manner, are hardly believable, basically, boring. I couldn’t care less about giving them names, it wouldn’t matter shit if I called them Mother 1, Girl 1, Girl 2, Girl 3, Girl 4. That’s the side characters for you.

The only character which is given some sort of a personality is the main character. Still, it feels pretty weak. Giving someone a towel after a sparring match, fake-cheerful attitude despite the current situation. And a little amount of maturity in grasping the situation. You could hardly call this character ‘developed’.

With little or no character development, generic story, I don’t know where this anime is going.

  • Aesthetics

    Reinforcements my ass.

Now comes to the last part of the review. Aesthetics. While this does little to save a crappy anime (Shining hearts, I’m looking at you). A well done show can boost the anime watching experience.

Soundtrack: Standard soundtrack. Nothing on the level of Guilty Crown. Still, done well enough to bring out a gloomy atmosphere to the audience.

Visuals: Drawn in your basic anime style, I shouldn’t have expected much. The mecha animations are sub-par. No Infinate Stratos or Gundam here. The Mecha has the mobility and flexibility of a turtle. The character drawings are just so-so. And the fanservice is just painful to watch. Latex bodysuits… please.


Generic storyline, poor character development, decent soundtrack and poor visual appeal. One word. You passed. Congratulations. Despite this dismal performance, I think this anime still has potential. After all, I haven’t seen more than the first episode, so I guess it still has room to grow.


Story: 18/40

Characters: 17/40

Aesthetics: 7/20

Verdict: 42/100

*Note: Post on my grading system and review style will come out later, WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.

Well, that’s my first review. Sure took some time to write.


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