Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (42/100)

Gosh. I finally get my ass down to write a review, and now I’m like, ‘Ok… So what do I do again?’ Well, anyway, here goes nothing.

Show summary:

Aliens, girls, mecha… interesting(?)

Take One (First impressions):

My first impressions of this show (after watching episode 1) is… well… er… meh. There you go. MEH. Truthfully, there’s really nothing much that makes this show stand out as an anime. The storyline is hardly captivating, the display of the mecha’s ability is disappointing (That thing looks like it can be shot down by a Patriot Missile), however, it does do quite a successful job of painting a rather gloomy future for humanity. At least I think so… Full review>


Hello world!

Yo! Name’s Pathogen, I’ll be reviewing the anime you watch.

Now why am I doing this? Well, to start off, it’s a personal challenge of mine. I’ve been watching anime for awhile, and a good number of my friends started asking me, ‘Could you recommend me an anime to watch?’, ‘Which do you think is the best?’ etc. I soon realised that my opinion of anime is, that they’re all good. This has led to a dilemma. How the heck should I answer these questions. Long story short, it led to the creation of this review blog.

So, this blog was created for one selfish reason. To solve my dilemma. Hope you can help me too.