The low-down

About the author:

Pathogen’s your average anime watcher. Nothing much is know about this mysterious guy except that he loves anime. He also hates anime. It’s this love-hate combination that has led him to create this review site.

About the site:

Created and founded on the second of July 2012. On this lowly hot afternoon, Pathogen was lying on his bed playing blazblue. After the 100th defeat of Hazama in the face of a relentless Ragna, Pathogen gave up, set his Playstation down, and created this blog.

Dedicated to reviewing current anime, this blog strives to deliver the best, most comprehensive reviews. The main goal of this particular site is to allow you, the reader, to decide on which anime to watch, and which not to. Enjoy.

About anime:

Anime, Japanese animation. Awesome shit.


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